Got questions? We got answers. Here is a list of frequently asked questions:

Q. How often are lessons held?
A. Lessons are held once a week.

Q. How do you match students with teachers?
A. We go by scheduling compatibility. All of the team members are equally qualified and we are all wonderful with children.

Q. How do we know what kind of piano/violin/guitar/etc. to get?
A. Our qualified teachers will be happy to assist you with this.

Q. Do I need my own instrument in order to take lessons or can we just use the teacher's to get started?
A. You do need your own instrument for a few reasons. There are many different variations within each instrument, including size. It's important to set the student up for success, especially when first starting out, by giving them an instrument that is best suited to their needs. Also, a huge part of learning an instrument takes place outside of the lessons, and so the student will need an instrument to practice on.

Q. Where are the lessons held?
A. We usually travel to our students' homes. Alternatively, you may rent a studio.

Q. Where are the recitals held?
A. We rent out various recital rooms on the upper west side and midtown west.

Q. Do you teach students to read music?
A. Yes. While we can have students copy us and sound pretty impressive pretty quickly, they won't actually have learned how to do anything on their own. Instead, we teach them to be increasingly capable of learning songs on their own.

Q. My child hasn't learned to read yet. Is this a problem?
A. Not at all. We've had plenty of students learn to read music before they can read words.

Q. What is a good age to start lessons?
A. There is no such thing as too old. How young to start depends on the child. Some children thrive at 3 while others are better off starting at 5 or 10 or 65. We can always try and if your child doesn't seem ready yet, we can check in again when they're older.

Q. What if my question is not answered here?
A. Call us! We look forward to hearing from you.