Here's what our clients have to say about us:


Our daughter has been studying with Jessica for 4-plus years, since she was not quite 4 years old. From my daughter's first lesson with Jessica, it was clear that Jessica understands children, both from a developmental and a temperamental standpoint. Each week, Jessica brings enthusiasm, encouragement and fun to the piano lessons. Jessica is an extremely talented and committed teacher. Not only has our daughter become a very confident piano player, but she also has grown to love so many different styles of music. Jessica is energetic and fun and seems to know exactly how to motivate and challenge budding pianists to practice and enjoy playing the piano. Our 6-year-old son has also started taking lessons with Jessica. While his first love is sports, he runs to the piano when Jessica arrives. If you want your kids to learn to love to playing the piano, be given opportunities to succeed without fear of making mistakes along the way and to have fun, look no further. I can highly recommend Jessica and all her Friends. I have recommended this team to other parents and they have been thrilled with all the other teachers as well.

— Mom of 8-year-old, 6-year-old and 3-year-old


My boys have been having lessons with Michael for 18 months. Michael is so enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable, and the boys really look forward to lessons with him. I can't believe how much they have learned in this time. Michael makes it so much fun they even like to practice! The recitals are wonderful — they are so proud to show what they have been working on to the other teachers, their family and friends, in a warm, friendly, non-judgmental setting. I would highly recommend Jess And Friends to anyone who wants their children to learn piano!

— Mom of two boys, 7 and 8


Brian is simply an incredible piano teacher. He has made our 5-year-old go from an extreme of not wanting to play, to looking forward each week to his lesson. It is all due to Brian's incredible ability to tailor his teaching style to the specific whims of our son's personality so that playing is both fun and engaging. After weeks of different approaches, Brian had the brainstorm to make a silly baseball game, believe it or not, out of the piano lessons, so that our baseball loving son would relate, which he has — and there has been no looking back. He's filling the house with real music, and smiling while he does it. Brian's patience and fortitude has made all the difference. I would definitely recommend Jess And Friends.

— Mom of 5-year-old


Our son (age 9) has wanted to take piano for forever. And somehow I just never got it set up. Through referrals, I was given Jess And Friends' name over and over. Our teacher is Jordan — he is awesome. He read our son just right — that first lesson my son was able to play a pop song right away. He felt like he had accomplished something. And so it has been going...

Our son has only been playing since the beginning of the summer (maybe 2 1/2 months), and we could not be happier about his progress and enthusiasm. Also, Jordan is responsible and easy to have in our home.

— Connie, mom of 9-year-old boy


We are so thrilled to have Anna as our piano teacher. Her warm and engaging personality is the perfect fit for my children to learn piano. Her approach to teaching is kind and patient, which has allowed my children to love playing piano. She follows their lead and teaches to their individual needs and not from a forced curriculum. Brava, Anna! You made piano lessons fun again! I would definitely recommend the Jess and Friends program and all the teachers.

— Michelle, mom of two


Bridget is the reason we joined Jess And Friends. She is a dedicated and talented piano teacher and a wonderful person. She is warm and funny and has a way of making piano lessons fun, engaging and challenging. It's impossible for Bridget's love of music not to rub off on her students. Our daughter's progress after only one year has been amazing. And her love of learning to play is even more amazing. I would highly recommend Bridget and the Jess And Friends program to anyone who wants their child to learn to play an instrument. The recitals are great, too — a fun, non-threatening way for your child to practice performing in front of others and share what they've learned with family and friends. Plus there's pizza afterwards!

— Mom of 7-year-old

Anna Phyllis

Maggie looks forward to her lessons with Anna all week long. Anna is funny and friendly and oh-so-talented, and with her encouraging and positive teaching approach Maggie is learning violin more quickly than we could have ever imagined. She practices every day without having to be cajoled or reminded, and she is so proud when Monday comes again and she can show Anna what she has learned.

— Mom of 6 year old


Jeff's teaching has been an A+. Jeff has been teaching saxophone to our son for about one year. When he began, our son had no prior formal training. Jeff has been able to hone in on specific technique, not just the notes, but the rhythm and musicality, too, and now our son is having fun playing his favorite and current songs, and really enjoying himself. And we are enjoying the home concerts.

— Mom of 12-year-old boy


Eric is a wonderful piano teacher to my seven year old daughter! He is patient, upbeat and funny. Being able to focus a kid this age can be a real challenge—especially in the evenings, but somehow Eric always manages to get the best out of her and always gives her great positive feedback. She's learning so much and I love that she learns it's okay to make mistakes. She's having fun and feeling successful!

— Mom of 7-year-old girl


My daughter has been taking voice lessons with Meghan for a little over a year. It has been such an incredible experience. Meghan has amazing energy and is so much fun as a teacher. She has taken my daughter's understanding of music to a whole new level. She has taught her to read music and have a greater appreciation of the compositions, and how the music relates to the text. Her enthusiasm and attitude is infectious. She has become such a positive role model for Lucy. Meghan is a very genuine and authentic person and you know she really cares about the success of her students. I could not recommend Meghan more highly!

— Mom of 6-year-old girl